U.S. Army Drill Sergeants Wanted

One of the highest honors for a Noncommissioned officer is a spot in Drill
Sergeant School. Only the most qualified NCOs are chosen to attend Drill
Sergeant School, where they are trained to fulfill a role of utmost importance.
Drill sergeants teach new recruits every aspect of Basic Combat Training, which
means they have the great responsibility of shaping civilians into the best
Soldiers in the world.

At the present time there are as many as 1,274 authorized positions — active
and Reserve — are unfilled.

"The Army is looking for a few good trainers," said Command Sgt. Maj. Lamont
Christian, commandant of the U.S. Army Drill Sergeant Academy. "We don't
have the requisite number of female drill sergeants in the formation to represent
the population."

As of October 2015, the Army had filled 96 percent of its male drill sergeant
positions but just 83 percent of its authorized female drill sergeant positions,
said Sgt. Maj. Edward Roderiques, the deputy commandant of the academy.
That's 1,996 male drill sergeants assigned out of 2,088 authorized positions,
and 437 female drill sergeants assigned out of 524 positions at the Army's four
basic training sites, he said.

"We're pulling [qualified candidates] from the same pool everyone else is,"
Christian said. "It's a challenge competing with the other [commands] that are
selecting the same quality NCOs without issues in their background that prevent
them from being in positions of trust and authority."

The Army Reserve currently has 1,665 drill sergeants assigned. It is authorized
as many as 2,760.

NCOs that are interested in becoming Drill Sergeants should update their ASK
and contact their career manager for more information.

IAW AR 614-200, Section III Ch. 8-14
• PULHES- 111221
• APFT- No alternate events
• Mental Health Evaluation
• No speech impediment
• High School graduate or GED equivalent
• No Court-Martial Convictions
• No record of disciplinary action (LOR, AWOL, etc) during current enlistment or
last 5 yrs, whichever is longer
• GT 100 (waiverable to 90 on case-by-case)
• M16A2 or M4 qualification within last 6 months
• SGT-SFC (SGT must have minimum 1 yr TIG and be BLC graduate)
• Minimum 4 yrs TAFS and 2 yrs remaining after completion of DS duty

Contact Information:
Drill Sergeant Team: Commercial: 502-613-5870 DSN: 983-5870
Enlisted Background Screening Section (EBSS) email address:

Phone: (502) 613-5075 DSN: 983-5075.
Army Drill Sergeant Training.
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