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Army Legal Handbook

The Army Legal Handbook
The Army Legal Handbook is packed with easy to understand information and reference material that will help you find the answer to your legal question or
point you in the right direction. No Barracks Lawyer nonsense, No BS from misguided supervisors and all information is from the current legal publications.
The Legal Handbook addresses the following topics and more >
Army Legal Handbook
This is not a government sponsored website any information contained here is for reference only and
should not be taken as legal advice always consult an attorney before making any legal decisions
Introduction to Military Criminal Law
Misconduct: Options and Duties Of The Commander
Unlawful Command Influence
R.C.M. 303 Preliminary Inquiry
Non-Judicial Punishment, Article 15, UCMJ
Article 15 Script
Search and Seizure
Self-Incrimination, Confessions, and Rights Warning
UCMJ Punitive Articles
Urinalysis, Drug and Alcohol Policies
Fraternization and Improper Senior-Subordinate Relationships
Proper Responses to Reports of Sexual Assault
Victim and Witness Issues

Administrative Investigations
AR 15-6 Investigations
Accident Investigations (AR 385-10)
Line of Duty Investigations (AR 600-8-4)
Fatal Training Accident Presentations to Next Of Kin
Financial Liability Investigations FLIPL (AR 735-5)

Standards of Conduct
Commanders Coins
Support to Non-Federal Entities
Government Motor Vehicle Transportation
Family Readiness Groups
Accompanying Spousal Travel
Annual Filing of Financial Disclosure Forms

“Flagging” Soldiers from Positive Personnel Actions
Enlisted Separations
Officer Separations
Bars To Reenlistment
Qualitative Service Program (QSP)
Removal of Enlisted Soldiers From Promotion Lists
Removal of Commissioned and Warrant Officers From Promotion Lists
Security Clearances — Suspension and Revocation
Sexual Harassment
Domestic Violence Gun Control Act or Lautenberg Amendment
Article 138 Complaints
Relief from Command

Body Piercing & Tattoo Policy
Conscientious Objection
Behavioral Health Evaluations
Command Access to a Soldier’s Protected Health Information (HIPAA)
Extremist Organizations and Activities
Political Activities by Members of The Armed Forces
Whistle blower Protection
Service Member’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA)
Religious Accommodation

And More Information is contained in the legal handbook

Army Counseling
Counseling is a process used by leaders to review with a subordinate the
subordinate’s demonstrated performance and potential.

Get over 20 Army Counseling Statement Examples in MS word. This
easy to use program can be downloaded to any computer so you can
use it at home or your government desktop. Here are some of the
Counseling examples included:

APFT Failure               Late for duty
AWOL                          Loss of Military Property
Bar to Reenlist             Lost Military ID Card
Corrective Training      Monthly Counseling
Disrespect                   Off-limits areas
DUI                              Overweight Counseling
Failure to report          Pregnancy
Family care plan         Promotion Counseling
Flagging actions         Safety Counseling
Fraternization             Soldier Debt
Gov Travel card         WLC Counseling
Initial Counseling

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