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Army Enlisted Promotions Trend Report

The Army Enlisted Promotions Trend Report is a by-military occupational specialty (MOS) report of sergeant (SGT) and staff sergeant (SSG) promotion (fully) eligible that will allow Soldiers to quickly determine their approximate position in relation to their peers.

The updated Trend Report is published no later than (NLT) the 24th of each month. The updated Trend Report will not be published earlier than the AC cut-off scores being published.

As of January 2016 the trend report will only show fully eligible Soldiers in compliance with STEP policy.

Promotion point data changes daily on the HRC database. The Trend Report is based on data from the 11th of each month. This is the same snapshot in time used for monthly promotion consideration to SGT and SSG.

This report is the latest report, and all previous reports are obsolete.

The sixteen “ranges” of points next to each MOS/eligible list indicate how many fully eligible Soldiers on that list are within the specified points range.

The rows containing an MOS followed by an asterisk represents the number of eligible Command List Integration (CLI) Soldiers.

The # ON LIST column is a sum of the number of Soldiers in the sixteen ranges, and is equal to the number of fully eligible published in the announced cutoff scores. This column includes only fully eligible Soldiers from both zones (PZ and SZ) of consideration.

The AVG PTS column shows the average promotion points for all currently eligible Soldiers on the specified MOS/eligible list.

The # OF PROM column shows the total number of promotions allocated to the MOS/list during the last six months. This total is equal to the sum of the promotions that were published in the monthly cutoff scores for the 6 months indicated.

The PZ AVG / SZ AVG columns show the “6 MONTH” average primary/secondary zone cutoff scores for that MOS/list. For MOS that do not have 6 months of published scores (i.e., new MOS) the average scores are computed with the number of months that the MOS have had published scores – the number of months used is indicated in parentheses next to the SZ AVG column.

Language specific MOS (35P) has announced cutoff scores by language identifier; therefore the PZ AVG / SZ AVG columns for these MOS are indicated by asterisks. All Soldiers in this MOS are otherwise represented as explained above.

The Army Enlisted Promotions Trend Report is a very important, yet super simple document to understand and analyze. Know the numbers and know how you fit into the equation.