1. This message will expire 12JUN20.

2. General.
a. The guidance in this message is effective immediately and applies to all Active Army Airborne
enlisted Soldiers.

b. The Human Resources Command (HRC) and the Airborne community must properly and
accurately identify personnel currently fit for duty in Airborne units to maintain Army Readiness.
A highly accurate and timely accounting of each Soldier’s special qualifications is vital in meeting
Army Readiness and is the purpose of this message.

3. In accordance with (IAW) reference A, paragraph 5-5, retention of an individual in Airborne duty,
Ranger duty, and Special Forces will be based on his or her continued demonstrated ability to
perform satisfactorily his or her duty. Retention must also be based on the effect such an
assignment will have upon an individual’s health and well-being by remaining on such duty.
Following this guidance, individuals no longer physically capable of performing Airborne duty
will have the Special Qualification Identifier (SQI) removed.

MILPER Message 19-179 here >>
Removal of Airborne Skill Qualification Identifiers (SQI) Due to Permanent Medical Profiles
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Removal of Airborne Skill Qualification Identifiers (SQI) Due to Permanent Medical Profiles
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