1. This message expires no later than (NLT) 6 August 2020.

2. Purpose. This MILPER provides interim guidance on the implementation and use
of a new suspension of favorable actions (flag), flag code “R- Admin Non-Deployable
Retention Policy for Administrative Non-Deployable Soldiers”, and also provides
guidance on retention waivers for Soldiers who are non-deployable for administrative
reasons (not medical or legal). In accordance with reference A, B, and D above, the
Army must have a deployable and fit culture. Commanders and leaders at all levels are
responsible for individual Soldier readiness and will use all available tools, resources,
and authorities to reduce the number of non-deployable Soldiers within their
formations. Likewise, individual Soldiers will remain personally responsible and
prepared for training and worldwide deployment at all times.

3. This guidance applies to all Soldiers of the Regular Army, Army National Guard of
the United States, and the U.S. Army Reserve. The provisions of reference A to this
MILPER were effective 8 November 2018.

4. Procedures. Effective immediately and upon modification and availability of the
personnel actions reason codes (Flag Tables) in the system(s) of record (Electronic
Military Personnel Office (eMILPO), Regional Level Application Software (RLAS),
Reserve Component Manpower System (RCMS), Reserve Data Management System
(RDMS), Standard Installation and Division Personnel Reporting System (SIDPERS),
and the Integrated Personnel and Pay System - Army (IPPS-A)), a new non-
transferrable suspension of favorable actions flag, flag code “R- Admin
Non-Deployable Retention Policy for Administrative Non-Deployable Soldiers”, will
be available for implementation and use for all Soldiers for whom an administrative
separation has been initiated pursuant to reference A.

a. Commander’s Override (RA/NG) and Commanders Decision (USAR). Certain
administrative non-deployable reasons, as described in para 5c (2) and (4), may be
“overridden” by the commander. Days where all applicable administrative non-
deployable reasons for an individual Soldier have been “overridden” will not be
included in the Soldier’s calculation.

b. Soldiers will be flagged with flag code “R” once an administrative separation has
been initiated pursuant to reference A.

c. Flag code “R” will be utilized in addition to and concurrently with an “Involuntary
separation or discharge” flag (Flag Code B or W). In addition, flag code “R” will be
used in addition to any other required and equally appropriate flag(s), such as flag
code “X” (e.g.  no family care plan). The “R” flag does not take the place of any other
required flag code.

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Flag code R army retention
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Guidance on the Creation and Implementation of a New Suspension of
Favorable Action (Flag) Code, Flag Code “R” and Retention Waivers for
Administratively Non-Deployable Soldiers ...Issued:[06-Aug-2019]...
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