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Processing Active Duty Enlisted Home Base/Advance Assignment Program (HAAP) Participation
Declinations and HAAP Cancellations Due to Foreign Service Tour Extensions (FSTE) - 14OCT16

1. This message will expire one year after release.  Guidance contained herein will be added to the
next revision of reference A.

2. Declinations.

a. Participation in the Home Base/Advance Assignment Program (HAAP) is optional.  Enlisted
Soldiers who decline to participate will indicate so during their reassignment briefing, and the
Soldier’s desire not to participate in the HAAP will be indicated in his or her permanent change of
station orders.  The servicing Military Personnel Division (MPD) must send an encrypted email
message, with attachment showing HAAP declination, to the Strategic Actions Team (SAT),
Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate.  The email address is usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.epmd-  Ensure HAAP declination, Soldier’s last name, and Soldier’s first name
are contained on the subject line, and that the full social security number is included in the
attachment or the body of the email.

b. The SAT office will update the Soldier’s Home Base/Advanced Assignment Installation (HAAPIN)
field to “YY” (Not Applicable) and Home Base/Advance Assignment Status (HBASMT) field to “D”
(Declination of HAAP) to reflect the declination.  Only the SAT office is authorized to post HAAP
declinations for enlisted Soldiers.

3. Foreign service tour extensions.

a. Soldiers who voluntarily extend their foreign service tour will have their HAAP cancelled.  
Cancellation will be processed at the time the FSTE is approved by Human Resources Command
(HRC), or, if the FSTE is approved by the overseas command, at the time HRC receives
documentation of the approved FSTE.

b. The SAT office will update the Soldier’s HAAPIN field to “YY” and HBASMT field to “F”
(Disqualified IAW AR 614-200) to reflect the declination.  Only the SAT office is authorized to post
HAAP cancellations for enlisted Soldiers.

------------- Please read
MILPER Message 16-297 for all of the details ---------------
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