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SMA Dailey on the new OCP Uniform
FORT MEADE, Md. (Army News Service, June 5, 2015) -- During an Army birthday
town hall meeting with Soldiers, June 4, Sgt. Maj. of the Army, or SMA, Daniel A.
Dailey brought forward a Soldier in the audience, who was wearing the new
Operational Camouflage Pattern, or OCP, uniform, which the Army will make
available in July.

He told Soldiers not to go out and buy it.

"One thing I want to make important and let everybody know is we don't all need to
rush out and get the new uniform
. Be patient," he said. "We pay you to replace your
uniforms every year with your clothing allowance. Part of that clothing allowance
builds up to the amount of uniforms you have in your clothing bags. That's how we
determine the wear-out dates."

Dailey said that Soldiers have until Oct. 1, 2019, four years and three months
from the time the new uniforms appear on shelves, before they will be required to
wear the new uniform to work.
"I expect Soldiers to use their clothing allowance to do that, over time, so we don't
place a significant burden on our young Soldiers and their families," he said.

Dailey said the Army doesn't have enough OCP in stock for all Soldiers to get the new
uniform immediately. Instead, he said, the Army will distribute the new uniform to
commands based on operational need. Those units deploying will get the uniform first.

Dailey said that he will continue to wear the Army Combat Uniform until such time he
needs to replace it, and only then will he begin purchasing the new OCP uniform. He
also told Soldiers that he has asked commanders to respect the required wear date for
the new uniform, and to not require Soldiers to spend their own money on the new
uniform before the Army requires them to have it.

"Allow your clothing allowance dollars to work for you," he said.

Dailey also polled Soldiers at the town hall regarding the wear of black socks with the
new Army Physical Training uniform. Soldiers all agreed that the uniform would be
better with black socks - and Dailey said he's gotten similar input from around the
force. He said the message has been conveyed to Army leadership.

He also said that he is happy with other Army uniforms, including the Army Service
Uniform, and doesn't believe any additional changes need to be made to the current
uniform lineup.

"I think we need an era of stabilization for our Soldiers and our uniforms," he said. "I
think our uniforms right now are well-designed. I like our new dress blue ASU uniform,
and I know that our civilian population likes it as well. I get complimented on it quite

Following the informational portion of the town hall, Dailey and Soldiers did 24 pushups
together, one for each decade the Army has been in existence. Then Dailey and a
Soldier cut an Army birthday cake, to be shared by those in attendance at the meeting.
The U.S. Army turns 240 years old, June 14.
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