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who can receive an NCOER? relief for cause ncoer, nco report

who can receive an NCOER? relief for cause ncoer, nco report

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What forms are used for the NCOER?
•        DA 2166-8-1, NCO Counseling Checklist/Record
DA 2166-8, NCO Evaluation Report.

What is the minimum time period before the initial counseling must be done?
Within the first 30 days of the rating period, effective date of lateral appointment to corporal, or promotion
to sergeant, the rater will conduct the first counseling session with the rated NCO

The initial counseling is slightly different than future counselings in that it primarily focuses on what areas?
Communicating performance standards to the rated NCO. It should specifically let the rated NCO know what is expected
during the rating period. The rater shows the rated NCO the rating chain and a complete duty description, discusses the
meaning of the values and responsibilities contained on the NCOER, and explains the standards for success.

Who is the last individual to sign the NCOER?
The rated NCO

Does the rated NCOs signature mean that the rated NCO approve of the bullets / comment on the NCOER?
No, The rated Soldier’s signature will only verify the accuracy of the administrative data in Part I, to include nonrated time;
the rating officials in Part II; the APFT and height and weight data; and that the rated Soldier has seen the completed

Are NCOERs required for POWs?

What are the parts of the NCOER?
Part I. Administrative Data
Part II. Authentication
Part III. Duty Description
Part IV. Army Values/ NCO Responsibilities
Part V. Overall Performance and Potential.

What is the minimum period of time for the reviewer?
None, there is no minimum time required

Are handwritten comments allowed on the NCOER?

Will any references be made in an NCOER to an incomplete investigation (formal or informal) concerning a Soldier?

Rating an NCO’s fears, inner feelings, enthusiasm, and overall confidence falls into which Values/NCO Responsibility
Physical Fitness/Military Bearing

Is the use of the 2166-8-1 mandatory for counseling all NCOs in the ranks of CPL through CSM?

Who can receive an NCOER?
All NCOs

What annotation will be made on the NCOER for a NCO’s performance as a member of a Court Martial?

What NCOER is used upon the removal of an NCO from a ratable assignment based on the decision by a
member of the NCO’s chain of command?
Relief for cause