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68E Dental NCO Bullets for NCOER, Dental NCOER Comments

Army MOS 68E Dental NCOER Bullets    Dental PCS Awards >This page provides a variety of NCOER bullets that pertain to Dental NCOs and their duties. Not all inclusive only
intended to give you ideas. A list of Dental NCO duty descriptions can be found here >


  • developed a dental liaison program for supported units which resulted in increase of dental readiness from
    92% to 98%
  • performed duties in the SFC position in an outstanding manner with a high degree of competence and
  • selected over three NCOs to serve as the NCOIC of the Hospital Dental Clinic
  • successfully completed 4 semester hours of college toward a Bachelor Degree
  • achieved Dental Assisting National Board Certification
  • coined by MEDCOM Sergeant Major for job well done as EFMB Instructor
  • planned and executed a $85,000 equipment replacement project with no negative impact on clinic mission
  • completed the Advanced Leader Course with a 95% academic average
  • selected as the DENTAC NCO of the quarter
  • completed 35 hours of military correspondence during rated period
  • commended by the DENCOM commander for outstanding planning and execution of the NARDC change of
    command ceremony
  • selected by the WRDC Sergeant Major to be the regional operations NCO
  • commended for zero deficiencies during the DENTAC CIP and SAV inspections

Physical Fitness and Military Bearing