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TA-50 Pictures, MOLLE GEAR, CIF pictures, OCIE inventory

U.S. Army TA-50 Pictures for CIF Turn-In
(Download Link Below)

I get the same call every time that a Soldier
gets ready to PCS:

“Hey SGTcan you help me with my TA-50? I
don’t know what
JCKT CLD WTHR looks like.”

I don’t blame anyone for asking because the
way the Nomenclature is written on the
clothing record may as well be in Chinese! So
here we are proving a PDF File with more
than 40-pages of pictures and descriptions for
all of your TA-50 items.

This file was given to us courtesy of SFC
Nsunda Tezzo. Please pass it on to your

ownload TA-50 Pictures Here >>