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Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB) Information

Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB) Information

The SFABs are the Army’s first permanent units whose core mission is conducting security
cooperation activities, allowing quick response to combatant commander requirements. Assignment
to an SFAB requires Soldiers to be in an Military Operational Specialty (MOS) that is authorized in
the SFAB MTOE, be fully deployable, have a PULHES of no higher than 111221, score 240 on the
APFT with a minimum of 70 points in each event, have a secret clearance and pass an Official
Military Personnel File check for derogatory information.  As an incentive the Army will pay SFAB
enlisted Soldiers a $5,000 lump sum Assignment Incentive Pay as long as the Solider is assigned
to an SFAB and serves in the unit for at least 12 months.

The training and development of professional combat advisors is an Army high priority.  In an effort
to facilitate building an inventory of these specially equipped and trained Soldiers, the Army has
made the following decisions:

•The Army has created a SGT Special Promotion Category. Corporals (CPL) and Specialists
(SPC) who have been boarded and are fully eligible for promotion will be awarded 799 points and
promoted to the rank of SGT on the first day of the month following graduation of the Security
Force Assistance Advisor Course (SFAAC).     

• The requirement for completion of Professional Military Education (PME) to attain pin-on eligibility
for promotion to SGT through Master Sergeant (MSG) is suspended for Soldiers assigned or
attached to a SFAB or to its supporting Security Force (SECFOR). The Soldiers must be otherwise
fully qualified and meet or exceed a monthly cutoff score (to SGT/Staff Sergeant (SSG)) or
sequence number (to Sergeant First Class (SFC)/MSG).

Soldiers promoted under this exception
will be prioritized for the next available PME training seat upon redeployment or when otherwise

Soldiers interested in receiving more information about the SFAB and/or assignment opportunities
should contact their respective career branch representative at HRC.

Click here for an example 4187 you can use to volunteer for assignment to an SFAB.