Campaign Participation Credit and Campaign Streamers for Operation Inherent Resolve

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1. This message will expire on 19 Jun 18.

2. On 5 Dec 16, the Secretary of the Army authorized award of campaign
participation credit (CPC) and campaign streamers to eligible U.S. Army units that
served in the Operation INHERENT RESOLVE (OIR) theater of operation. The
OIR theater of operation encompasses the land areas of the countries of Iraq and
Syria, the contiguous waters of each extending out to 12 nautical miles, and the
airspace above the land and contiguous waters.

3. Currently, two campaign phases are approved for OIR. Of these two campaign
phases, one (Abeyance, 15 Jun 14 – 24 Nov 15) is closed, and one
(Intensification, 25 Nov 15 – TBD) is ongoing.

4. In May 2017, the Institute of Heraldry approved the streamer for the closed
campaign phase (Abeyance, 15 Jun 14 – 24 Nov 15). The streamer for the
ongoing campaign phase (Intensification, 25 Nov 15 – TBD), and streamers for any
future campaign phases, will be designed and made available only after an end
date is determined and the campaign phases are closed.

5. Units that served during the closed campaign phase (Abeyance, 15 Jun 14 – 24
Nov 15) may immediately request CPC and the streamer for the closed Abeyance
campaign phase.

6. Units that served or are currently serving in the ongoing campaign phase
(Intensification, 25 Nov 15 – TBD) may apply for CPC, and will receive CPC and
streamers for the ongoing Intensification campaign phase at a later date to be
determined after the campaign phase is closed. If additional campaign phases
are named, new streamers will be made available as necessary.

7. AR 600-8-22, paragraph 7-3, provides instructions on how to request CPC and the
new streamer. Templates for required documents can be found on the Human
Resources Command Awards and Decorations Branch home page at Requests
for CPC and OIR Abeyance campaign streamers will be forwarded by e-mail to

8. For clarification or questions regarding this action, contact the Awards and
Decorations Branch, AHRC-PDP-A, 502-613-9126, 983-9126 (DSN), or by e-mail