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Soldiers Injured after Stepping on North Korean Landmines

10 August 2015 – South Korea’s defense ministry says North Korea is responsible for a
Landmine explosion at the DMZ last week that seriously injured two ROK soldiers.

Investigators recovered some debris from the mines after a thorough survey of the site,  
and they’ve concluded that the debris is from a PMD series mine. This is identical to the
kinds of landmines typically used by Pyongyang.

“These acts by Pyongyang violate the armistice agreement and the non-aggression
pact. We urge North Korea to apologize for its provocations and punish those involved.
As we have previously warned, we will make Pyongyang pay dearly for its

The explosions took place on the southern side of the DMZ near the city of Paju,
Gyeonggi-do province, last Tuesday morning as the two sergeants were carrying out a
regular scouting mission there.

The explosion severed the soldiers’ legs and they were rushed to a military hospital for

The heavily forested military buffer between the two Koreas is loaded with landmines
and the military secures safe routes in the DMZ to conduct search operations there.