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Army Enlisted Aide Program

FORT KNOX, Kentucky (July 15, 2016) — Up and coming NCOs interested in a rare
career broadening assignment have until Sept. 8 to submit application packets for
the Enlisted Aide Program, or EAP.

The program is open to all active-component enlisted Soldiers in the ranks of
sergeant (promotable) through master sergeant, regardless of military occupational
specialty, said Army Human Resources Command enlisted aide professional
development NCO Master Sgt. Christian Price.

Enlisted aides serve on the personal staff of a general officer and undertake a wide
array of day-to-day tasks that free the officer to concentrate on his or her primary
military and official duties. In practical terms that can include maintaining quarters,
uniforms and military personal equipment; serving as the quarters point of contact;
conducting official social functions; and preparing daily meals.

A selection panel will convene Sept. 13 to review applications and select the best
qualified Soldiers. Publication of the selectee list is planned for early November,
Price said.

The call for applications is explained in a Military Personnel Message, or MILPER,
issued June 30 by HRC’s Force Sustainment Division, which can be accessed on
the web at (CAC or DSLogon access required). Detailed eligibility
requirements, helpful program information, and a completed model packet can be
viewed on the General Officer EAP web page at

Prospective applicants should pay particular attention to the relevant eligibility criteria
and take advantage of the personal statement section to expand on their talents and
strengths, said Price.

Selected Soldiers who have not attended the enlisted aide training course or the
advanced culinary skills training course at Fort Lee, Virginia, will be scheduled for
training. Selected candidates outside the primary MOS of 92G will also attend the
basic culinary course

“What will happen is, when the service member gets selected by the panel, we are
going to get them into the training as soon as possible,” he said. “We will give them
training before they are selected by a general officer. That’s the intent.”

Once required training is complete, the selected NCOs will be added to the enlisted
aide personnel management ready pool, which is managed by the Department of the
Army Staff.