U.S. Army Offers Two Year Enlistment For New Recruits
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WASHINGTON, 28 March 2017 (Army News Service) -- The Army now has
two-year enlistment options for 91 military occupational specialties as a new
incentive to offer prospects interested in joining its ranks.

The traditional options for enlisting for three, four, five and six years remain in
place, according to Brian Sutton, a U.S. Army Recruiting Command spokesman.

Soldiers who opt for the two-year plan and are found eligible will do two years of
active duty, followed by two years in the Reserve and then four years in the
Inactive Ready Reserve, he said.

Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Snow, commander of USAREC, said:

"We believe this shorter enlistment opportunity will appeal to young men and
women who want to take some time off between high school and college. It allows
us to demonstrate to them in a short period of time that the Army is about much
more than a job. It's about experience, education and leadership."

List of MOSs that are eligible for two a year enlistment:
11X1 Infantry Recruit
12B1 Combat Engineer
12C1 Bridge Crewmember
12K1 Plumber
12N1 Horizontal Construction Engineer
12R1 Interior Electrician
12V1 Concrete And Asphalt Equipment Operator
12W1 Carpentry And Masonry Specialist
12Y1 Geospatial Engineer
13B1 Cannon Crewmember
13D1 Field Artillery Automated Tactical Data System Specialist
13F1 Fire Support Specialist
13J1 Fire Control Specialist
13M1 (MLRS) High Mobility Artillery Rocket Sys(HIMARS)Crewmember
13P1 Multiple Launch (MLRS) Operational Fire Direction Specialist
13R1 Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator
14E1 Patriot Fire Control Enhanced Operator Maintainer
14G1 Air Defense Battle Management System Operator
14H1 Air Defense Enhanced Early Warning Systems Operator
14P1 Air And Missile Defense(AMD) Crewmember
14S1 Air And Missile Defense(AMD) Crewmember
14T1 Patriot Launching Station Enhanced Operator/Maintainer
15P1 Aviation Operations Specialist
19D1 Cavalry Scout
19K1 M1 Abrams Armor Crewman
25C1 Radio Operator-Maintainer
25L1 Cable Systems Installer Maintainer
25N1 Nodal Network Systems Operator
25P1 Microwave Systems Operator Maintainer
25Q1 Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator Maintainer
25S1 Satellite Communication Systems Operator / Maintainer
25U1 Signal Support Systems Specialist
27D1 Paralegal Specialist
31E1 Internment / Resettlement Specialist
35F1 Intelligence Analyst
35G1 Geospatial Intelligence Imagery Analyst
35M1 Human Intelligence Collector (HumInt Collector),
35N1 Signals Intelligence Analyst (SigInt Analyst)
35P1 Cryptologic Linguist (Crypto Linguist)
35S1 Signals Acquisition/Exploitation Analyst
35T1 Military Intelligence Systems Maintainer/Integrator
36B1 Financial Management Technician
42A1 Human Resources Specialist
56M1 Chaplain Assistant
68B1 Orthopedic Specialist
68F1 Physical Therapy Specialist
68G1 Patient Administration Specialist
68J1 Medical Logistics Specialist
68L1 Occupational Therapy Specialist
68M1 Nutrition Care Specialist
68R1 Veterinary Food Insp Spec
68S1 Preventive Medicine Specialist
68T1 Animal Care Specialist
68W1 Combat Medic Specialist
68X1 Behavioral Health Specialist
68Y1 Eye Specialist
74D1 Chemical, Biological Radiological And Nuclear (CBRN) Specialist
88H1 Cargo Specialist
88K1 Watercraft Operator
88L1 Watercraft Engineer
88M1 Motor Transportation Operator
88N1 Transportation Mgmt Coordinator
89A1 Ammunition Stock Cntrl
89B1 Ammunition Specialist
89D1 Explosive Ordnance Spec
91A1 M1 Abrams Tank System Maintainer
91B1 Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic
91C1 Utilities Equipment Repairer
91D1 Power-Generation Equipment Repairer
91F1 Small Arms / Artillery Repairer
91G1 Fire Control Repairer
91H1 Tracked Vehicle Repairer
91J1 QM And Chem Equipment Repair
91L1 Construction Equipment Repair
91M1 Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Maintainer
91P1 Artillery Mechanic
91S1 Stryker Systems Maintainer
92A1 Automated Logistical Specialist
92F1 Petroleum Supply Specialist
92G1 Food Service Specialist
92L1 Petroleum Lab Specialist
92M1 Mortuary Affairs Specialist
92R1 Parachute Rigger
92S1 Shower, Laundry And Clothing Repair Specialist
92W1 Water Treatment Specialist
92Y1 Unit Supply Specialist
94A1 Land Combat EL MSL Sys Rp
94D1 ATC Equipment Repairer
94E1 Radio Equipment Repairer
94F1 Computer Detection Systems Repairer
94P1 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems Repairer
94R1 Avionic And Survivability Equipment Repairer
94T1 Avenger System Repairer
94Y1 Int Fam Tes Equip Oper

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U.S. Army Offers Two Year Enlistment For New Recruits
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U.S. Army Offers Two Year Enlistment For New Recruits