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Reclassification of Soldiers Failing to Complete IET, AIT, OCS, WOCS

1. This message rescinds MILPER Message 16-008 and will expire 31 December

2. This message announces procedures for the reclassification and retraining of
AC Soldiers, to include prior-service trainees, who fail to complete IET/AIT, or
Officer Candidate School (OCS)/Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS)
Soldiers who are administratively released from training.

3. Soldiers who fail to complete IET/AIT and are pending administrative release
from a course are required to be processed for a new military occupational
specialty (MOS) in accordance with the needs of the Army. The Retention and
Reclassification Branch, U.S. Army Human Resources Command (HRC), is the
reclassification authority for the Army and manages the Army Training
Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) “TS” function to identify a
priority MOS for all IET/AIT failures.

4. The procedures outlined in this message apply only to AC Soldiers who fail to
meet academic course standards or MOS qualifications in accordance with DA
PAM 611-21. In cases where entry-level Soldiers have failed training due to
misconduct or disciplinary reasons, commanders should consider them for
elimination under the provisions of chapter 11, AR 635-200, but separation
should normally not occur until counseling and rehabilitation efforts have failed.

5. Responsibilities: For initial entry and in-service IET/AIT students, the
Trainee/Student Processing Branches (TSPB) located on installations with Army
service schools or training centers will take the following actions when a Soldier
fails to complete IET/AIT and is released from training. The TSPB will not, under
any circumstances, reclassify an AC Soldier without following the steps below.

Download MILPER Message 17-134 for all of the information >>>