Army Learning Management System ALMS Problems. Updated 10 September 2012

All personnel currently enrolled in online training MUST complete all open (or unfinished) lessons in the Army Learning
Management System (ALMS) by 19 Sep 2012.

The ALMS will be offline from 5 PM EDT, 19 Sep 2012 until 5PM EDT 23 Sep 2012.

IMPORTANT! If enrolled in Structured Self Development Course Level I (SSD I)- During this downtime SSD I will be
upgraded with new content. Prior to 19 September 2012, Soldiers enrolled in SSD I must COMPLETE ALL OPEN
LESSON(S) to ensure training is properly recorded.

To identify any open SSD I lessons, go to your Enrollments page, find the Module you are currently working, and click on
the More Actions link at the right. Click on View Details and review the list of lessons. Complete any lesson that shows no
date in the Completed On column AND has a More Actions link at the right. For more detailed instructions, see the
'Announcements link' on the ALMS home page. It is not necessary to complete the entire MODULE only uncompleted

The following are some possible fixes to your ALMS issues. If you have other issues or better solutions for these
problems please share them on our
NCOsupport facebook page.

If you have a home computer, you might try using Google Chrome to access the modules. Several students have
reported that they had more success opening modules using that browser.  Remember, you must use Internet Explorer
to access the exams.

You will not be able to view your material until you turn off all pop-up-blockers on your computer. You should clear your
browsers cache.
* Open your internet browser
* Click on Tools in the main menu bar
* Select Internet Options
* In the General tab, you will see "Browsing History, Delete temporary files, cookies, saved passwords, and web form
information." Click "Delete."

If you are using Internet Explorer 8 or 9, enable "Compatibility View" to assist your view of web sites that are not
displayed correctly or that are not working correctly. Open the Web site that is not displayed correctly or that does not
work correctly. Click the Compatibility View button that is located directly to the right side of the address bar next to the
Refresh button.

Alternate Method
Click on "Tools" in the main menu bar and select "Compatibility View." Choose "Custom Level" and scroll down to "run
active X controls and plugins". Check Enable.

If something does not open or a page freezes, try refreshing your screen several times to unfreeze. You can also hold
down the control button on your keyboard and then click on the button or item which should take you to the next page.
Keep holding the control button for about 6 seconds and them release.

ALMS has a problem posting exam completions correctly. Even though you earned a passing score on your exam, it was
still marked unsuccessful. If this happens to you, call the Army Training Help Desk at (800) 275-2872, for assistance.

If a lesson freezes, gives an error message, or fails to post completion, go on to the next lesson and proceed. Your
objective is to complete at least 80% of the lessons in each module. Once you have completed 80% or more, you can
call the ATHD at (800) 275-2872, and they will mark your module as completed so you can go on to the exam.

SSD Level 3 and SSD Level 4 Students Only!

You must read the Letter of Instruction, LOI, in order to begin your course.  Follow the instructions below to get your LOI
to show at the beginning of your enrollment.
*    Go to your "Enrollments" page in ALMS.
*    On the Upper right there is a checkbox that is titled "Group Courses  By Course/Phase/Certifications and Curricula"
*    Deselect that box.
*    Wait for the page to refresh.
*    The "Letter of Instruction" will now appear before Module one.
*    The "Letter of Instruction" must be completed before the launch buttons will show to the right of the Module 1.

Do you hate ALMS? Have log-on Problems? Are you pissed at the system? Then let them know and give,
feedback Here

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