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Iraq the last convoy, combat troops redeploy, obama ends war in iraq

What Change ObamaThe Media is all over the buzz that the combat troops are leaving Iraq and coming
home. There are headlines like “the last convoy” and “going home” but what has into
another. Our brothers and sisters are still being murdered everyday by these
ungrateful bastards so what difference does it make? Die in one crap hole or the one
down the road. The truth is that we will not be completely out of Iraq for a very long
time and I firmly believe that Iraq will be the next South Korea, 60 years later and we
are still baby sitting those people so where do you think that we are headed with the
people of Iraq? The government is corrupt, the Iraqi army is poorly trained and not
trusted by the people and those idiot Jihadists that just won’t go away, they continue
to threaten the stability and welfare of the Iraqi people. The Obama administration
should not be getting praise while there are still Soldiers dying on the battle field and
who knows how many more that have yet to pay the price. Strict rules of engagement
ROE make it difficult for the Combat Troops to properly defend themselves and
enforce the law. I still don’t quite comprehend why our Civilian leadership sends us
into these conflict areas and then take away our ability to take the appropriate actions
in order to effectively accomplish the mission. I know that most of you have seen on
the news all of those Soldiers that have been prosecuted and booted from service
(not the idiots from Abu Ghraib prison) because some politician thought that they
were a bit tough on the bad guys, Hello these are people that are shooting at the
troops not throwing flowers at them. This is one of the reasons why this country
should not be lead by people that have no clue about military service and not even
wore the uniform to a Halloween party. Good luck to all who are deployed now and
those who are headed there, Stay safe and god bless.