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Army Structured Self Development SSD

SSD Level I No Longer worth promotion points
SSD I tasks are primarily focused at the team level and common leader and tactical skills. Effective 1 OCT
10, Soldiers will be enrolled in SSD I automatically upon completing Basic Combat Training (BCT) / One –
Station Unit Training (OSUT). Beginning Fiscal Year 2013, Soldiers must complete SSD I prior to attending
the Warrior Leader Course. Soldiers (private-specialist/corporal) who complete BCT/OSUT, but have not yet
attended/completed WLC prior to SEP 10, are automatically enrolled.

ALC Common Core
There is not an SSD level between Warrior Leader Course (WLC) and SSD III. The Advanced Leader
Course Common Core
(ALC-CC) is in lieu of SSD II. ALC-CC focuses on preparing unit and subordinate
elements for peace, wartime missions and contingencies. Previously known as the Basic Noncommissioned
Officers Course (BNCOC).

SSD III tasks are primarily focused at the platoon level. SSD III will be completed after the Advanced Leader
Course (ALC) and prior to the Senior Leader Course; previously known as the Advanced Noncommissioned
Officers Course (ANCOC). Effective 1 MAY 11, all sergeants and staff sergeants who are graduates of ALC
or BNCOC will be automatically enrolled in SSD III. Sergeants (promotable), staff sergeants and sergeants
first class will be enrolled in SSD III automatically upon completion of all phases of ALC.

SSD Level IV
SSD IV tasks are primarily focused at the battalion level. It is highly recommended that SSD IV be completed
prior ro assuming duties as a first sergeant. Effective 1 MAY 11, staff sergeants (promotable), sergeants
first class, and master sergeants will be enrolled automatically into SSD IV upon completion of the Senior
Leader Course (SLC). Effective 1 MAY 13, completion of SSD IV is a prerequisite for attendance to the
Sergeants Major Course.

SSD Level V
SSD V tasks are focused at nominative and joint staff levels. Effective 1 JUN 11, master sergeants
(promotable) and sergeants majors will be enrolled automatically into SSD V upon completion of the
sergeant major course or its equivalent. Beginning 1 JUN 13, completion of SSD V is prerequisite to be
considered for nominative and joint assignments.

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