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SMA Dailey on Tattoos, PT Test, Discipline and more
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Joint Base Lewis McChord Town Hall Meeting with the Sergeant Major of the Army 3 March 2015
The new Sergeant Major of the Army
Daniel Dailey held a town hall meeting
at Joint Base Lewis McChord this past
Tuesday where he answered questions
and addressed some of the Soldier’s

Among the many topics were, Tattoos,
Equipment, Drill Sergeants at AIT, New
PT Test, Online Training issues and
the old school smoke sessions. Here
are the highlights from this town hall

SMA Dailey said that he would look into the changes made to the tattoo policy because this is a big
concern for many Soldiers and has a impact on some careers. SMA Dailey told the troops “I don’t want
this to be the deciding factor for a good soldier to get out,” The update to Army Regulation 670-1 was
released in March and updated in September. It limits the number of tattoos soldiers can have below
the elbow and knee. The regulation initially barred soldiers who ran afoul of the rules from requesting
a commission, sparking anger among many soldiers.

Outdated Equipment
Soldiers asked about the lack of proper equipment for training when they return from deployments.
The SMA told the Soldiers that it simply comes down to the cost as most of the resources that were
provided to the Army were sent to the theatre of operation and left there leaving less in the budget to
field new equipment for training back home.

Drill Sergeants at AIT
“Don’t expect to see Drill Sergeants at AIT in the future” SMA Dailey told Soldiers that both the high
cost of training and low number of eligible NCOs to fill the available drill sergeant positions were the
deciding factor in taking the drill sergeants out of AIT in the first place. The SMA noted that he
reviewed the records of the candidates and hand picked every drill sergeant while he was the
TRADOC SGM because of the high level of responsibility involved with the job.

Army Tattoos on Soldiers
New Army PT Test
“There are no changes planned for the current APFT” Researchers would have to come up with a
solid plan which would not hurt the Soldiers, addresses gender, and fit with the Soldier 2020 model.
The SMA noted that the units should be conducting PT to meet the operational needs which should
surpass that of the APFT.

Online Training
A Soldier voiced his concern about the access issues with online training off duty. The SMA suggested
using various resources online as well as buying CAC readers for use with the Soldier’s personal

The SMA told Soldiers that “The Army does not have a discipline problem” and that todays NCOs must
find the way to provide Motivation, direction and purpose for their Soldiers. He noted that the old
school smoke sessions as a mean of corrective training are ineffective and have a short term effect
and that NCOs need be “less emotional and more informed” when it comes to leadership.