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How to get back in the Army for Prior Service Members

2. Effective 6 January 2014, PS enlistments in all Skill Levels, to include Soldiers from Sister Services
applying for the Blue to Green (B2G) Program, are restricted by critical MOS according to their rules.  
Reductions in pay grade will NOT be favorably considered, no exceptions.

3. Glossary Non Prior Service (GNPS) applicants in pay grades E-1 thru E-4 who have not completed MOS
training are not restricted to the rules.  Applicants with 179 days or less of Active Federal Service (AFS), to
include zero days on Active Duty (AD) are considered GNPS.

For example:
a. Separated from a Reserve Component (RC) and did not ship to Initial Active Duty Training (IADT).

b. Separated from a RC and completed BCT but did not complete MOS training.

c. Separated from any component of the Armed Forces with 179 days or less of AFS and did NOT
complete MOS training.

d. Disenrolled Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) who are NOT ordered to Active Duty.  (Refer to
the current USAREC message for Cadets that have elected to be discharged and desire to enter AD.)

NOTE:  Does not apply to Disenrolled ROTC Cadets that have been ordered to AD.

4. This policy DOES NOT affect Soldiers who are removed from the Temporary Disability Retirement List
(TDRL).  All Soldiers removed from TDRL will have a formal electronic grade determination completed IAW
AR 601-210, Chapter 5-51f.

There is a lot more information Downloadcomplete prior service business rules message