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2012 Army NCOES Height Weight and APFT Changes

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2nd Quarter Sergeant Major of the Army Board of Directors Meeting


1. The Board voted to add the APFT and HT/WT test back into all NCOES and some other

2. Both the APFT and the HT/WT will be a graduation requirement.

3. Individuals who fail to successfully pass the APFT or meet the standards outlined in AR 600-
9 will fail to meet course standards and will subsequently fail the course. The indiv’s 1059 will
reflect failure.

4. Every Soldier that starts the course will be enrolled. If a Soldier fails to meet any course
standard the 1059 will reflect this failure. No more “turn aways” prior to the start of the course.

5. The board recommended that some form of reprimand should be given to the Chain of
Command of any Soldiers that reports to school and fails to meet APFT and/or HT/WT. Officers
and NCO’s that sign the commander’s checklist should be held accountable. This is pending
legal review.

6. the Board recommended that the regulation should be changed to require units to update
APFT and HT/WT data within E-MILPO on a regular basis. No requirement currently exists.

CSM/SGM updateStructured Self Development SSDAR 670-1 updateComprehensive Soldier FitnessOther Notes