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new army promotion points for military education, Military Ed

Promotion Points for Military Education Under the new Army Promotion Point System

Formal Military Training.
1) Courses formally listed in ATRRS are authorized promotion points (exceptions follow) at the rate of 4 (four)
promotion points per week (defined as 40 training hours) of military training.

2) Promotion points are not authorized for NCOES courses (except as indicated in the previous page), all
badge-producing courses
(see military awards), Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individual Training, New
Equipment Training, USMAPS/United States Military Academy (USMA), language training, Officer Candidate
School, Warrant Officer Career Course. No promotion points are granted for On-the-job training (OJT) and on-
the-job experience (OJE), including Sergeant’s Time Training. Military courses completed in the other Armed
Forces that were required to hold qualification in or be awarded a MOS/rate are not authorized promotion
points. Federal Emergency Management Agency courses (see DA PAM 350-59, para 4-54) are not authorized
promotion points.

3) Ranger, Special Forces, and Sapper qualification courses. Soldiers will be awarded 40 promotion points for
completion of these courses. All phases of the courses must be completed prior to awarding promotion points.

4) Other military resident training courses (annotated on DA Form 87). Promotion points granted are limited to
Soldier Training Courses listed in AR 350-1, paragraph 4-14c. Soldiers will be granted 10 promotion points
upon successful completion of each course. No other military training annotated on a DA Form 87, except
those listed in AR 350-1 as Soldier Training Courses, are authorized promotion points. Locally designed
certificates of training (in lieu of DA Form 87) are acceptable.
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