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Army Precision Retention Program

1. This MILPER Message supersedes MILPER Message 16-011 on 7 May 16, and
will expire NLT 31 Dec 16.

2. Precision Retention is vital to the Army’s ability to sustain unit readiness and force
alignment while meeting congressionally mandated end strength requirements. To
effectively execute Precision Retention, the Army has moved from an annual
reenlistment mission to a quarterly reenlistment mission. This change in the
reenlistment mission issued to commanders will provide the Army with the flexibility
required to make adjustments throughout the Fiscal Year. In addition to the quarterly
reenlistment window, the U.S. Army Human Resources Command (HRC) may
restrict reenlistment for soldiers based on their Expiration Term of Service (ETS)
date or their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) and skill level.

3. Commanders in the field are not required to consider Precision Retention in their
decision to reenlist a Soldier. Commanders are required to ensure all Soldiers meet
the criteria for reenlistment in accordance with reference A above. When applicable,
commanders will initiate suspension of favorable action or a bar to reenlistment on
soldiers who fail to meet reenlistment standards.

Commanders will approve/disapprove a Soldier’s request for reenlistment in
accordance with reference A above. Precision Retention is an administrative action
subsequent to the commander’s decision to reenlist a Soldier.

4. Precision Retention restrictions based on a Soldier’s ETS date: no restrictions at
this time.

5. Precision Retention restrictions based on Soldier’s MOS and skill level.

a. The following MOS/skill levels are restricted: 09L1, 12W1, 13T1, 13T2, 13T3,
15J1, 15J2, 15S1, 15S2, 89D1, 89D2, 92S1, 92S2, 94Y1, 94Y2, and 35P all skill
levels with language code HE, SC, TH, or UR.

b. Soldiers with an MOS/skill level listed in paragraph 5A above who are approved
for reenlistment by their commander must submit their request for reenlistment to
HRC in accordance with the procedures outlined in paragraph 6 of this message.

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