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MILPER Message 14-058 U.S. Army Instructor Badge

The three levels of the AIB authorized for award are the Basic Army Instructor Badge (BAIB), Senior Army
Instructor Badge (SAIB), and the Master Army Instructor Badge (MAIB). Military personnel who are assigned
to a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Academy and serve in an instructor position after 7 June 2013, are
eligible to be awarded the AIB. Award of the AIB requires personnel to meet the criteria established by the
Commanding General (CG), Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC.

All levels of the AIB are retroactive to 7 June 2013, with the exception of instructors assigned to the Army
Aviation Logistics NCO Academy, School of Music NCO Academy or the Army Logistics University NCO
Academy, who are authorized retroactive award of appropriate level earned of the AIB from 1 November
2012. All prescribed AIB requirements and criteria for the designated award level must be completed before
departing a NCOES instructor position.

The Army Instructor Badges are awarded promotion points as follows:
– Basic Army Instructor Badge (BAIB): 15 points
– Senior Army Instructor Badge (SAIB): 15 points
– Master Army Instructor Badge (MAIB): 20 points

Promotion points are not cumulative for the AIB. Award of a higher-level AIB will increase a promotion score
by the difference between the badges. There is no difference in promotion points between the BAIB and the
SAIB. for example, a Soldier who earns the MAIB will earn a total of 20 promotion points not 50 (BAIB (15) +
SAIB (15) + MAIB (20) = 20 points).

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