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ALARACT Message 126/2014 ALC Common Core

On 15 May 2014, the Army established completion of Structured Self Development (SSD) Level 2 as a promotion
eligibility requirement to SSG effective 1 February 2015.

The Army G1 asked we remind Soldiers and leaders of this requirement. It is critical that applicable Soldiers
understand importance of completing this requirement, as well as the impacts if not done by 8 January 2015.

SGT(P)’s who do not complete the SSD level 2 training requirement by 8 January 2015 will be removed from the
SSG promotion list; as they do not meet the minimum eligibility requirements for promotion for the next promotion
month. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

As of 8 December 2014, there remain ~7,800 SGT(P)s who have not completed SSD Level 2. Once these Soldiers
lose their promotion list standing – those who exceed 14 years of active federal service (but less than 18) will be
considered as having exceeded the retention control point (RCP) for their grade and will be subject to involuntary
separation within 180 days.

Furthermore, please ensure the Soldiers understand that in order to receive credit for completing the course, they
must complete the end-of-course survey at the end of the training as it is required to be a course graduate.

Robert McCathern

Download the complete ALARACT Message 126/2014 because there is more information that you need to know.