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Advisory on Tourist Passports for Soldiers Assigned Overseas

1. This message will expire 31 October 2020.

2. The purpose of this message is to strongly encourage
military service members who are undergoing a
permanent change of station (PCS) move overseas to
obtain a tourist passport (also known as a regular
passport) for personal travel between foreign

3. Diplomatic/official/dependent special issuance
passports are used by DOD personnel and their eligible
family members while on official travel to countries
requiring passports. These passports may be used for
incidental personal (unofficial) travel between foreign
destinations only when the foreign government
concerned accepts these passports for personal travel.  
Use of these types of passports while performing
personal travel without prior coordination with host
countries’ embassies or consulates may result in delays,
potential denial of entry, or possible financial burden.  
Members should obtain and use a tourist passport while
performing personal travel to avoid the possibility of
such difficulties.

4. Due to personnel shortages at U.S. Consulates
worldwide, the DOD Passport and Visa Office, in
partnership with the Department of State, recommends
that all military service members, who PCS abroad
apply for and obtain a tourist passport for themselves
and their dependents prior to departing from the
Continental United States (CONUS).  Applying for a
tourist passport while overseas is possible, but the
process can be difficult and may be delayed. Soldiers
and family members should therefore apply for tourist
passports with enough time in advance of PCS to
receive their tourist passports before departing CONUS.

5. Soldiers and their family members can apply at a
State department passport agency, a local U.S. Post
Office, library, or county courthouse.  Visit to find out more.

6. Remember, “Before you Fly, Plan to Apply,” for your
tourist passport.

7. Commanders, unit S-1s, and levy briefing personnel
will disseminate this information to their assigned
personnel and remind any of their Soldiers who are
PCS’ing overseas of the above.

8. Point of contact for this message is stuart.k.archer., 703-545-1311.

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