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make someone a military dependent, military family member id card

Frequently Asked Questions about making someone a dependent of a military member

Below is some valuable information Service members will need to make someone a dependent under Army Regulation (AR) 600-8-14.

1. Who can be my dependent?
 Your current spouse.
 The children born during marriage
 Children who were born out of wedlock.
 A parent whom you provide more than 50% of their support.
 An incapacitated child over 21 who you provide more than 50% of their support.

2. What qualifies someone to be my dependent?
You must be providing at least 50% of the qualifying person’s support. This includes medical expenses, costs for clothing, housing, etc.

3. What document are required to make someone a dependent?
Depending on who it is, you will need the following:
(a) Current Spouse:
1. Marriage Certificate

(b) Children that were born during marriage:
1. Birth Certificate
2. Marriage Certificate

(c) Children born out of wedlock under the age of 21:
1. Birth Certificate
2. DD Form 137-4
3. DD Form 137

(d) Parent of Korean Descent:
1. Family Register from Korean Embassy
2. Sponsor’s or Spouse’s birth certificate reflecting parent’s name
3. DD Form 137-3
4. DD Form 137

(e) Parent of U.S. Citizens:
1. Birth Certificate of Parent
2. Sponsor’s or Spouse’s birth certificate reflecting parent’s name
3. DD Form 137-3;
4. DD Form 137

4. What happens after you have the appropriate paperwork?
For above categories (c), (d), and (e), take the completed DD Forms to the 176th Finance Battalion Customer Service office. They will forward the
paperwork to DFAS-Indianapolis. DFAS will make a formal determination of whether the person qualifies as a dependent and will return DD Form
1173 with their approval or disapproval determination.

This process can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks. If DFAS determines that the person cannot be a dependent, you may at a later time, reapply for
dependency. If you are not required to provide any DD Forms, you can take the required documentation directly to the ID Card Section at your
military installation. Once you have the approved DD Form 1173 and the other completed DD Forms, take these forms ALONG WITH A COMPLETED
DD FORM 1172 to the ID Card Section. The ID Card Section will enter the dependent into DEERS and issue the dependent an ID card. To obtain the
required DD Forms you need, you can download them from OR

Dependency – DD Form 137
Dependency for Parent – DD Form 137-3
Dependency for Children born out of wedlock – DD Form 137-4
Dependency for Full-time Student – DD Form 137-6
Dependency for Ward of the Court – DD Form 137-7