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Military Law
The UCMJ provides the standards and procedures for military courts martial and all judicial
procedures related to military criminal cases and investigations. The UCMJ is to be obeyed by
all Active Duty, National guard and Reserve members of the Military accused or investigated
because of a crime may request a military lawyer from the local Trial Defence Services (TDS)
or request a private lawyer usually at the expense of the defendant and maybe the best
option, depending on how serious your case. Military lawyers are schooled and bound by the
same code as their civilian counter parts, so you can tell your military lawyer that you run the
biggest drug cartel from tijuana to New York and he can’t say anything. Military law does not
usually take precedence over local laws in other countries so there is a good chance that you
can end up being KimChi Cho’s little American girlfriend in a South Korean prison long before
you start serving your time under the UCMJ. Sometimes the Country will hand over the
criminals to the Military for punishment but most Governments aren’t to thrilled about letting  
foreigners go after they rape and pillage their citizens.