Army medic accused of conspiring with lover to kill wife

HONOLULU -- An Army medic has pleaded not guilty to
charges he conspired with his lover to kill his wife in their
Honolulu home and make it look like a burglary.

The FBI arrested Sgt. Michael Walker on Wednesday, after a
federal grand jury indicted him for murder in last year's
stabbing death of his wife, Catherine Walker. She was found
dead last November in the home she shared with her husband
at Aliamanu Military Reservation.

The indictment includes excerpts from text messages and
emails he allegedly sent to Ailsa Jackson about his desire to get
rid of his wife.

"I want you so bad!!!" was one text message on Oct. 12, 2014.
"If only someone was out of the way!"
Army medic accused of conspiring with lover to kill wife
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In a November email, Jackson allegedly wrote about needing Walker's
permission to act: "The anticipation is exhausting. The thrill is faltering. I'm
growing impatience (sic), tired and hungry for action."

He allegedly responded, "The sooner the better."

Prosecutors say the two discussed carrying out the killing on Nov. 14,
2014, when Michael Walker would be at work. Around midnight, Jackson
allegedly entered the home with a key left near the back door, grabbed a
knife from the kitchen and stabbed Catherine Walker multiple times in the
upstairs bedroom where she slept.

Jackson was indicted in April. She was arrested in Indiana and extradited
to Honolulu. She has also pleaded not guilty.

Walker couldn't be reached for comment while in FBI custody. He is a
health care specialist who has been assigned to Tripler Army Medical
Center since 2013, said hospital spokesman Jim Guzior. He has been
deployed once to Afghanistan and twice to Iraq, Guzior said.
Army medic accused of conspiring with lover to kill wife