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How to Appeal an Article 15

Naughty Military personnel from all services receive
punishment under
article 15 of the UCMJ on a daily
basis whether it is under age drinking or going AWOL
the Article 15 is the weapon of choice for punishing
the offenders. This page provides a quick overview of
how to appeal an article 15 and I highly encourage
you to talk to your local JAG office if you have not
done so already as they will give you the adequate
guidance for your particular situation

The Offender can request to appeal an article 15
DA Form 2627DA Form 2627-1. The Offender
may submit documents supporting the appeal and/or
request a personal appearance before the appellate
authority. When the request for appeal is made, the
request must be made within a reasonable amount of
time after the imposition of punishment
The Commander may decide to mitigate, remit,
suspend, or set aside punishment. If the imposing
Commander modifies punishment, the offender may
withdraw or continue with the appeal

Please get all of your facts straight and contact the
legal office before you make any decisions.

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