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Treat snake bites, coral snake bites, how to treat a snake bite

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Other Poisonous Snakes
Elapids, one of the two groups of poisonous snakes, have one pair of immovable fangs. Examples of
elapids include coral, cobra, mamba, and krait snakes.

The venom affects the central nervous system. Because a snakebite initially produces only slight pain and
swelling, the victim may fail to realize that he/she has been bitten or that the wound is serious. The following
signs and symptoms usually develop within 1 to 7 hours after the bite occurs:
• Blurred vision.
• Drooping eyelids.
• Slurred speech.
• Drowsiness.
• Increased salivation and sweating.

If the snakebite is not treated promptly, the following signs and symptoms may appear:
• Vomiting ● Paralysis • Shock
● Convulsion • Breathing difficulties ● Coma.

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