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make extra money on active military duty, military loans

You should talk to your supervisor before you even start looking for a job as there are different policies for each
branch of the military that provide guidance and set limits for off duty employment such as the amount of hours
that you can work and start times that won’t interfere with your military duties. Do not make things worst for you by
not informing your Chain of Command, be honest with them and talk to them about your issues.

The following are some ways to earn extra money while on active military duty:

Delivering Pizza is always a popular and easy way to make extra cash even while stationed overseas, you just
have to look for one of the many Pizza shops close to post and ask. The Pizza shops like to hire people with some
sort of military ID as this makes it easier for their deliveries to get on post.

Convenience stores Provide many opportunities for part-time and seasonal work. Flexible hours and fixed pay
make working in a convenience store or gas station a great source of additional income.

Starting a BLOG on the Internet to make money from advertisements is a cheap and easy way to make extra
money while on active duty. You can easily sign up for a free blog spot account and let your fingers do the talking
for you. Pick good topics and network with other bloggers to get visitors to view your blog then open a google
adsense account and watch your earning grow. You should know that writing a blog is not a one time deal and
you must write a number of blogs in order to create a good following and keep visitors coming back to read more
of what you post, in other words you will get out what you put in.

Building a Website to make money from advertisements and sponsors can also be a great source of extra cash
as you will work your own hours and set goals to meet your needs. Building a good website can be easy even for
someone with limited computer knowledge. In order to be successful you must create a website that provides a
service or information that both people and search engines like Google and Yahoo will want to read,  I also
recommend that your website be related to something that you already know how to do are at least already
familiar with. Remember not to use material that is copy right because you can get sued or be asked to remove
the content from your website. This can provide a good source of income for a long period of time, I have web
pages that I created over 4 years ago that are still making money for me on a daily basis.

What ever way you choose to earn those much needed funds please do it the legal way, I see too many Military
men and women get in trouble while looking for an easy way out of a financial battle. Talk to your Chain of
Command and get help from AER if you have to.