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Modern Army Combatives Elbow and Knee Strikes, FM 3-25.150

Modern Army Combatives
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army physical fitness test
Learn How to administer the Army Physical
Fitness Test APFT and the new Physical
Readiness Training Manual TC 3-22.20
Use Strikes to regain control of the weapon. Strike enemy in the face with the heel of the hand.
Strike enemy at the hip bone with the bottom of the foot. Push weapon down to clear enemy’s
arms, and repeatedly strike his head with the Army combat helmet until his grip is broken.
Clear Primary Weapon with Strikes
Elbow and Knee Strikes
Strike enemy in the head with the point of your elbow. For additional power, rotate your body and
pull enemy’s head toward elbow strike. To execute Knee Strike, bring rear knee up to strike
enemy in gut or head. For additional power, pull enemy’s head down.
Stand in Base with Projectile Weapons
If a Soldier ends up on the ground at projectile weapon range from the enemy, mobility can be regained by returning to the standing position.
Strike Face with Heel of Hand
Kick enemy at the hip bone with bottom of foot
Push down to clear the enemy's arms
Strike the enemy's  head with your elbow
Strike with knee
Pull and strike with knee
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Here you can get Army Combatives examples for elbow and knee strikes and standing base with your weapon. See bottom of page for
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