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Modern Army Combatives Level 1, Muzzle Thump, Hook and head control

U.S. Army Combatives Level 1
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U.S. Army Combatives Level 1 Techniques
These are a few of the basic techniques that are taught at the Modern Army Combatives Basic Course. It is a good idea to be familiar
with some of the basic moves before you attend the Combatives Level 1 Course. These techniques can cause serious injury if
appropriate safety measures are not followed, try these at your own risk
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Army Combatives Muzzle Thump part 1
Combatives Muzzle Thump Part 2
Soldiers must maintain control of the weapon at all times by keeping the enemy at projectile weapons range when possible. Use strikes like
the Muzzle Thump to drive an enemy back, keeping him at projectile weapons range. If closer proximity than projectile range is necessary,
use the Post, Frame or Hook and Head Control. To execute the Post, keep feet more than shoulder width apart, turn hips so secondary
weapon is away from the enemy, tuck chin, use flat palm with thumb down to push enemy.
Muzzle Thump
Army Combatives Post Position
Army Combatives Frame part 1
Army Combatives Frame part 2
To execute the Frame, keep feet, hips, chin and weapon positioned similar to the Post. Extend
forearm beyond 90 degrees with fingers spread across enemy’s collarbone or with hand cupping
the back of the head.
Hook and head control part 1
Hook and head control part 2
Hook and Head Control
Execute the Hook and Head Control by placing the non-firing arm underneath
enemy’s arm with hand cupping the shoulder. Push forehead into enemy’s
chin. Legs should straddle enemy’s closest leg.
This is not a Government Sponsored website use this information at your own risk. This information should be used only
as reference as these techniques can cause serious injuries if precautions are not taken.
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