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how to get military advance pay for pcs move

How to get advance pay for a PCS Move

Advance payments are not a PCS entitlement. Advance pay is a tool to help the military
service member offset the costs directly related to a PCS move.
Advance payments are
only approved in conjunction with a PCS move
and there is a window of 30 days prior to
the move and 60 days after arrival to the new duty station.

Advance payments are not approved for expenses such as vacations and investments. A
military service member can get up to one month’s pay, minus the standard deductions before
the start of the PCS move. Military personnel can get up to two more pay advances at the new
duty station. However written justification must be provided detailing a valid reason for the
additional advances as well as a list of purchases that will be made with the additional

Advance payments are pro rated for repayment over 12 months. To apply for an advance
payment you must attend a finance brief during Out-processing and fill out the required
documents, FF Form 2560, and provide a copy the PCS Orders.

Enlisted Military personnel in the rank of E-1 to E-4 are required to have their commander
approve the application before it can be processed. The advance payment will be sent to the
service member’s bank account via electronic funds transfer after the application is approved.