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Temporary Early Retirement Authority (TERA) 2017

Temporary Early Retirement Authority (TERA) 2017

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2017 Temporary Early Retirement Authority (TERA)

1. Listed references will be utilized as program guidance/authority.

2. This message will expire 23 June 2018.

3. The purpose of this message is to provide updated guidance to
Regular Army (RA) officers in support of TERA. TERA offers voluntary
early retirement, at a reduced monthly retirement pay, to eligible
members prior to completing 20 years of active service.

4. TERA is a discretionary authority and is not an entitlement. Eligible
members who desire early retirement must apply for consideration.

a. Approval is not assured and will be based on the needs of the Army.  
Retirement with at least 20 years of service has been and will continue
to be the basic entitlement for those personnel who complete an Army

b. The approval authority for TERA is the CG, U.S. Army Human
Resources Command.

5. Applicability: Officers denied continued service with an established
involuntary separation date of 31 Dec 18 or earlier who meet all
eligibility criteria below may request TERA in lieu of involuntary

a. Officers who have twice failed selection for promotion to the next
grade, including those who have been selected for, but not yet
accepted, selective continuation, and those selected for separation from
service by a centralized force shaping selection board process, who are
serving on active duty and have 15 but less than 20 years of active
service as of their established involuntary separation date.

b. Officers must meet all eligibility requirements for retirement for length
of service for a 20-year retirement, except as provided for in this
message. Exceptions to other eligibility requirements will not be
considered. In all cases, early retirement will not occur prior to
attainment of 15 years of service on the established separation date.

6. Guidance.

a. This early retirement benefit will not be extended to officers who were
previously separated under voluntary separation incentive, special
separation benefit, voluntary separation pay programs or are under
evaluation for disability retirement under Title 10, Chapter 61.

Download MILPER Message 17-199 TERA for the complete information