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Assignment for Soldiers Who Experience the Death of a Spouse

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Army Directive 2016-13 (Assignment for Soldiers Who Experience
the Death of a Spouse) Dated 31 March 2016

Effective immediately, Soldiers who experience the death of a spouse
are automatically stabilized for a period of not less than 12 months.
Once stabilized, Soldiers may request to extend their stabilization
period to 24 months or to terminate their stabilization at any time.
Soldiers must make extension or termination requests in writing
through their chain of command to the Commander, U.S. Army Human
Resources Command, 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, Fort Knox,
Kentucky 40122-5100.

The establishment of this policy helps a Soldier during a period of
extreme hardship to ensure that he or she is afforded stability and
allowed time to address personal affairs.

The Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1 is the proponent of this policy and will
incorporate the change into the next revisions of Army Regulation
614-200 (Enlisted Assignments and Utilization Management). This
directive is rescinded upon publication of the final revised regulations.

Download Army Directive 2016-13 as a PDF ->>