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Military Benefits are a small reward for the brave men and women who volunteer to serve our include everything
from Housing allowance for active duty service men and women to educational benefits for military souses under
the 9/11 GI Bill. Different members of the military expires 10 years from the date of your ETS (can be extended
with a few waivers if you qualify) so it is very important for all Military Personnel to be familiar with all the benefits
that they are entitled to and take advantage of them before they are no longer available. In this page you will find
the most up to date information and frequently asked questions about your military benefits.

Federal Benefits by Category
Benefits organized by Category. Click on a Category to view the list of benefits in that Category.
Retirement changes
Collecting a Debt From Military MembersChild Support PaymentsSpouse Protection ActJobs for Veterans

2015 Military EducationHealth Care & Life InsuranceCasualty / Survivor

Transition & RetirementVeterans Affairs (VA)Tricare Urgent CareBlended Military RetirementTSP UpdateSoldier ServicesUse or Lose LeaveRenters InsuranceDeserter PayMypay