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Service Member Opportunity Colleges

Service Members Opportunity Colleges
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SOC Army Degree, or SOCAD, colleges and universities award credit for military experience and training based on
American Council on Education, or ACE, recommendations and standardized tests, such as the College-Level
Evaluation Program test and the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support program test, and provide
distance learning course options for Soldiers to complete remaining requirements. Soldiers can receive ACE
college credit recommendations for the typical training experiences in their MOS — from basic training to the
Sergeants Major Course.

A select group of about 120 SOCAD institutions offer Army Career Degrees — degree options directly related to a
Soldier’s Military Occupational Specialty. Army Career Degree plans are available for more than 95 MOSs and new
ones are being developed, according to the SOC website. Printed copies of the SOCAD Army Career Degree
plans are distributed to students during Advanced Individual Training, but Colimon emphasized that it is the first-
line supervisors who need to make sure new Soldiers are aware of the opportunities related to their MOS.

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Service Members Opportunity Colleges

Service members Opportunity Colleges, or SOC, is composed of more than 1,900 academic institutions that
pledge to deal fairly when evaluating for credit Soldiers’ military training and experience, academic residency,
credit transfer, and testing.

“We expect the first-line supervisor to know, based on their MOS, what degree programs will yield the largest
number of credits for that Soldier,” he said.

To maximize the number of credits a student can transfer and use toward a degree, colleges and universities
within the SOCAD network have agreed to take credit from one another.  Individuals do not have to physically
attend the university, allowing for both online and traditional face-to-face class options, no matter where a student
is stationed.

“For example, let’s say my degree program requires a class in [the programming language] Visual Basic. A course
like that will probably require a high level of instruction — more than a virtual online course. I may be able to find a
Visual Basic course taught by a partner college on my installation, then go and take it as a face-to-face course,
and I’ll receive full credit for it through my host college,” Colimon said.

Each post usually has a number of colleges with agreements to teach on the installation, Colimon said. To find out
about classes at a particular installation that will meet the requirements for a specific degree program, Soldiers can
contact their post’s education center. Counselors at post education centers can also help Soldiers review their
options to make sure they choose the path that will grant them the greatest amount of recommended credit.

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