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Homeland Security Degree

Army MOS 31B  Military Police    

Would you like to add Civilian Education promotion points to your PPW or
prepare for a career after your Military service?

There are many colleges that offer college credit for your military training
and experience which can reduce the number of classes that you have to
take in order to complete your degree requirements. Things like Basic
Combat Training (BCT), Basic Leaders Course (BLC) and your Advanced
Individual Training (AIT) can give you a head start on your degree plan.

Not all colleges give the same amount of credit for military training and
experience so be sure to check with a few before you choose your school.

As a Law Enforcement Professional, you may be interested in:
Bachelor of Criminal Justice in Homeland Security & Terrorism (BCJ)

The Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ) in Homeland Security & Terrorism
major was developed direct response to the real security threats posed by
transnational terrorist organizations. Protecting the citizens of our nation
is as real as it gets.

This major is designed to provide you with the opportunity to understand
homeland security issues and challenges in context of the new and evolving
contemporary operating environment. While terrorism is certainly a key
emphasis, the major also gives you the opportunity to plan for and assess
real world situations from a first responder’s view point.

A Strong Need For Homeland Security Experts
The need for college graduates with a grasp of the complexities associated
with homeland security and terrorism is clear. This innovative major affords
you the chance to hone your professional interests while acquiring traditional
skill sets needed to succeed in the 21st century.