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College of the American Soldier, Credits for combat arms MOS

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According the SOC website, CAS was developed to “identify specific college and university degree programs that
enhance Soldiers’ leadership and warfighting capabilities and grow the multi-skilled NCO characteristics.”

CAS degree programs are open to Soldiers of any MOS. However, they offer Soldiers in combat arms specialties
in particular the best opportunity to earn credit from their military training. The Army has pre-negotiated the amount of
credit to be awarded by CAS institutions for NCOES courses, but students are limited to certain business- and
management-related degree programs designed to leverage the leadership skills an enlisted Soldier acquires while in

There are two programs that fall under the College of the American Soldier: the Career NCO Degrees Program and the
Enlisted Education Program. (Click for a complete list of degrees offered through each program.) The Career NCO
Degrees Program maximizes credit for military training and education, minimizes residency requirements and allows for
flexibility of completion time to provide NCOs with degree options not tied to an MOS. The Enlisted Education Program
offers entry-level Soldiers in Career Management Fields 11 (infantry), 13 (artillery), 14 (air defense artillery) and 19
(armor) the opportunity to achieve an associate’s degree during their first term of enlistment.