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Army NCOER Counseling
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Army NCOER Counseling Basics

– must counsel within 30 days of promotion to SGT or lateral appointment to CPL (no actual NCOER is required for
CPL) (DA PAM 623-3, 3-1)

– required quarterly; suggest putting a reminder in your online calendar or on your phone

– maintaining a good counseling form makes for easier writing of NCOERs; suggest that your subordinate also
keeps a working copy of a 2166-8-1 or 2166-8 as well so that they may easily provide input when it comes due

– The rater will provide a copy of his or her support form (or equivalent), along with the senior rater’s support form
(or equivalent), to the rated Soldier at the beginning of the rating period. (AR 623-3, para 2-12 a.)

– The rater WILL counsel their subordinate IAW AR 623-3, para 2-12, c. – which if the NCO does NOT counsel their
subordinate, subjects them to Article 92, UCMJ (Failure to obey an order or regulation)

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NCOER Appeals Basics
Appealing an evaluation report on the sole basis of a self authored statement of disagreement will not be successful.
Likewise, statements from rating officials claiming that they did not intend to evaluate as they did will not, alone,
serve as the basis for altering or withdrawing an evaluation report. (DA PAM 623-3, Para 6-1 c. (2))

– Careful consideration should be given before submitting an appeal of an evaluation report in which the narrative
portions are positive, but the numerical markings or box checks are less than the maximum. HQDA expects rating
officials to evaluate subordinates based on their own individual conscience and judgment. It is extremely difficult to
successfully appeal a report of this nature without compelling evidence to support the appellant. (DA PAM 623-3,
Para 6-1 c. (3))

– Failure to comply with any or all support or counseling form requirements will not constitute the sole grounds for
appeal of an evaluation report (AR 623-3, 3-4, g) – That doesn’t mean don’t counsel!!!

– Substantive appeals will be submitted within 3 years of an OER, NCOER, or AER “THRU” date. Failure to submit an
appeal within this time will require the appellant to submit his or her appeal to the ABCMR, in accordance with AR 15–
185. (AR 623-3, para 4-9b)

– See DA PAM 623-3 Figures 6-1 thru 6-5 for sample appeal memorandums

c. An appeal may be approved in whole or in part, or may be denied, depending upon the merits of the case. The
result of a partially approved appeal may not be that requested by the appellant. For example, the board may decide
that the evidence justifies removal of the rater’s evaluation, but that the senior rater’s evaluation will remain, as it
was not proven inaccurate or unjust. The board will not usually take action that might worsen an appealed
evaluation report. (AR 623-3, para 4-9 c.) – Note: The appeal process only removes the inaccurate or incorrect
information. The report will not be re-written, but rather redacted.

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