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Army Transition TDY or ETS TDY Information

Army Transition TDY Information

BLUF:  Most Soldiers who honorably complete a tour of duty, reach their ETS date and voluntarily transition from
military service, are NOT eligible for Transition PTDY.

REFERENCES:  AR 600-8-10, Leaves and Passes, dated February 15, 2006   DoDI 1327.06, Leave and
Liberty Policy and Procedures, dated June 16, 2009   Title 10 US Code, Chapter 58, Subsections 1141 & 1149

Within the DoDI, Transition PTDY is referred to as “Transition Leave of Absence” and “Involuntary Separation
Leave of Absence.”  The purpose of Transition PTDY is participation in pre-separation job search and house
hunting activities that facilitate relocation or transition of the Service Member to civilian life.  It is an authorization,
not an entitlement. It is a non-chargeable absence that is only authorized for:

a.  Service members being involuntarily separated under honorable conditions.
b.  Service members retiring from active duty.

The approval authority for Transition PTDY is a commander in an O-5 level command position (i.e., Battalion
Commander).  Approval authority may be further delegated to company commanders and other leave approval

Commanders may disapprove or restrict Transition PTDY based on mission or operational requirements, for
disciplinary reasons, or if the Soldier neither needs to relocate nor to conduct job search activities. If neither of
these activities is necessary, then transition PTDY is not appropriate.

See also DA Form 31AR 600-8-10