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Updated Army Regulation 600-8-22 Military Awards

AR 600–8–22 Military Awards This major revision, dated 25 June 2015–
Effective Date 25 July 2015

o Updates guidance on reconsideration and appeal of previous award
recommendations (para 1-16).

o Updates and clarifies guidance for flagged Soldiers and Purple Heart entitlement
(para 1-17).

o Clarifies guidance on duplication of awards (para 1-19).

o Adds Impact Awards guidance (1-21).

o Clarifies guidance for awards recognition upon retirement and adds information for
Soldiers serving under the Retiree Recall Program (para 1-23b).

o Adds guidance on notification and right to appeal upon revocation of awards (para 1-

o Adds new Medal of Honor guidance (para 1-33)

o Adds table of approval authorities for U.S. decorations for foreign military personnel
(table 1-3).

o Updates replacement procedures for issuing U.S. Army medals (para 1-47).

o Adds new criteria for award of the Purple Heart under the provisions of Public Law
113-291 and Department of Defense Implementing Guidance (para 2-8).

o Adds Operation NEW DAWN as an authorized operation for award of the Iraq
Campaign Medal (para 2-17).

o Clarifies criteria and type of service for award of the Humanitarian Service Medal
(para 2-22).

o Adds delegation of peacetime and wartime awards approval authority to deputy
commanding generals (paras 3-5 and 3-6).

o Removes lieutenant generals restriction for award of the Legion of Merit (table 3-2).

o Add new policy for Stability Operations (para 3-7).

o Updates criteria for award of the Bronze Star Medal to members of friendly foreign
nations (para 3-15).

Download the updated AR 600-8-22 to view all of the revised information