AR 27-10 Military Justice dated 11 May 2016-
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SUMMARY of CHANGE for AR 27-10
Military Justice dated 11 May 2016-

o Requires commanders to annotate and file the record of nonjudicial punishment
in the performance folder of the Soldier’s official military personnel file, if issued for
specified sex-related offenses (para 3-6b).

o Authorizes field grade officers in command of a battalion or squadron to convene
summary courts-martial, pursuant to Article 24(a)(4), Uniform Code of Military Justice
(para 5-2a(1)(e)).

o Updates U.S. obligations regarding consular notification under the Vienna
Convention on Consular Relations and bilateral agreements between the United
States and other nations regarding consular notification (para 5-14).

o Incorporates Army Directive 2014-19, Implementation of Section 1744 of the
National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014-Review of Decisions
not to Refer Charges of Certain Sex-Related Offenses for Trial by Courts-
Martial (hereby superseded) (para 5-19c).

o Sets forth the right of qualifying victims of sexual assault to be provided a
copy of the record of trial (para 5-45).

o Requires specific notification and forwarding of records of trial in cases in
which the death penalty has been adjudged (para 5-46c).

o Establishes rules concerning the release of information pertaining to the
administration of military justice and accused persons (para 5-50).

o Establishes processing requirements for disclosure of exculpatory evidence
when discovered post-trial (para 5-51).

o Updates requirements and responsibilities of military judges (para 7-1).

o Allows the Chief, Trial Judge (absent conflicts) to detail a military judge to
capital cases (para 7-6b).

o Prohibits military magistrates from reviewing the determination of enemy
belligerents under the law of armed conflict (para 8-3).

o Updates procedures for organizing and grouping courts-martial orders and
promulgating orders (para 11-5a(2)).

o Updates distribution and addresses for forwarding special court-martial
cases (para 11-7b).

o Establishes Military Justice Online reporting requirements (para 14-3).

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AR 27-10Military Justice dated 11 May 2016-
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