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Temporary Senior NCO Promotions

Temporary Senior NCO Promotions

**This text is from the Memorandum HRC released.  Download the PDF at the link down below**

Date Released:  20 OCT 2021

SUBJECT: Expanded Application of Temporary Promotion to Master Sergeant and Sergeant First Class

Effective with the November 2021 promotion month, I am expanding the temporary promotion authority to the rank of Master Sergeant (MSG) and Sergeant First Class
(SFC) for RA and USAR (Active Guard Reserve (AGR)).

The Chief, Army Reserve will provide implementing guidance and instructions for USAR (less AGR) Soldiers at a later date. The Army will select NCOs for promotion to MSG and SFC based on their order of merit list (OML) standing without regard to completion of the Master Leader Course (MLC) or Senior Leaders Couse (SLC), respectively. AH other eligibility requirements, to include completion of the requisite Distributed Leaders Course, must otherwise be met.

As the Army continues its transition to OML utilization for use in scheduling Soldiers 
for training, there remains a significant number of NCOs who are highly placed on an OML, but have not yet completed MLC or SLC required to qualify for promotion.

Time and timing remain the critical elements to facilitate scheduling, attendance, completion of training, and updating both training and personnel records. While the Army remains fully committed to enforcing current policy concerning Select, Train, Educate, Promote (STEP), we must ensure we are simultaneously supporting the Army’s People First Strategy and talent management efforts.

This policy will remain in effect for 12 months unless superseding guidance is published or it is otherwise rescinded.

Consistent with the previously established application of this policy, Soldiers promoted under this authority will have 12 months from the date of promotion to 
complete the requisite level of PME required for the rank to which promoted; without exception. Failure to graduate from the requisite level of PME within the 12-month specified timeframe will result in an NCO reverting to their former grade (reference 1 a, paragraph 1-36).

All other aspects of this temporary promotion application remains unchanged.

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