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army mos 88K watercraft operator, 88k promotion points cut off

Army MOS 88K Watercraft Operator   
Army operations aren’t strictly limited to land. Ocean going harbor craft are often used to support operations
throughout the continental United States and overseas. It’s up to members of the Army watercraft team to navigate,
pilot, and maintain these watercraft. Army watercraft Soldiers have unique opportunities to embark upon specialized
landing craft, gain valuable skills in vessel navigation, or be part of a tug boat crew, moving needed equipment on
barges in local harbors or on longer open ocean voyages.

Watercraft operators are part of a piloting team using electronic positioning systems, handheld navigation tools, and
traditional watch standing procedures aboard many of the Army’s watercraft. Watercraft Operators are primarily
responsible for navigation, cargo operations and supervising other Soldiers on Army watercraft.

Some of your duties as a Watercraft Operator may include: