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Immediate Reenlistment Prohibition (IMREPR) Code 8G

Immediate Reenlistment Prohibition (IMREPR) Code 8G

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Immediate Reenlistment Prohibition (IMREPR) Code 8G and Semi-Centralized Promotions …Issued:[26-Jun-2017]…

1. This message will expire no later than 1 January 2018 or when

2. This message applies to Active Army Soldiers.

3. Beginning May 2017, Soldiers may erroneously be removed from the
promotion recommended list (PRL) through the Promotion Point
Worksheet (PPW) due to unprogrammed coding associated with the
new immediate reenlistment prohibition (IMREPR) code 8G (Grade –
Due to reduction/removal from promotion standing list).  Soldiers
(Specialists (SPC) and Sergeants (SGT)) with IMREPR code 8G are
eligible to be recommended and considered for promotion to sergeant
and staff sergeant provided they are otherwise fully qualified.

4. Units must take immediate action if Soldiers are removed from the
PRL due to IMREPR code 8G. If a Soldier would have met the
Headquarters Department of the Army cutoff score for their military
occupational specialty (MOS), units may submit an administrative
records correction in accordance with reference A above on behalf of
the Soldier to the below email.

5. Point of contact for this message is HRC, Junior Enlisted Promotions,
AHRC-PDV-PE, 502-613-9013, DSN 983-9013, or by email usarmy.

Download MILPER Message 17-200 IMREPR Code 8G