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Promotion Exception to Policy for 1 May 2011               As of 12 APR 2011
From HRC Enlisted Promotions:  Many Commands were not prepared for the DA 3355 shutdown on 6 Apr 11, in
preparation for the implementation of the New Semi-Centralized Promotion system.  (The shutdown has been
circulating through various media outlets; S1 Net, Army Times, Stars and Stripes, HRC Website, facebook and
MILPER Message 11-084).  

There were many promotion boards conducted on or near 5 Apr 11 that did not allow sufficient time to get points into
the system and validated.  Therefore, many Soldiers may be disadvantaged and warrant an ETP if not on the 1 May
11 By Name Promotion List due to promotion points not being validated that should have been.  Due to the possibility
of a large number of ETPs that may be executed for 1 May 11 promotions; HQDA is designated as the approval
authority to ensure equality and fairness.  Local ETPs are not authorized.  Commands must forward request for ETPs
through their chain of Command to HRC, Junior Enlisted Promotions at

ETPs should consist of the following:

1.  Memorandum from Promotion Authority requesting ETP - This memo should state why the Soldier should have
been on the 1 May 11 By Name Promotion List.  

2.  Board Proceedings  

3.  Cut off scores that pertains to the ETP   

4.  Any other pertinent documents   

POC, MSG Almitra Hamlin
NCOIC Junior Enlisted Promotions
U.S. Army Human Resources Command
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